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The Mystery of the Blue Rose - Enriching Women's Lives

Gae Callaway - Founder of Mystery Of The Blue RoseThe Mystery of the Blue Rose is a women's organization founded by Corpus business woman Gae Callaway in 1996 after the death of her friend, Stephanie, of breast cancer. It's purpose is to promote women taking care of themselves in all areas - health, emotional and spiritual, legal, insurance, and financial matters. Our motto is to "Do the Deed" to take responsibility and do the work on ourselves that will ensure our total well being.

Activities presented by the Mystery of the Blue Rose include all-day seminars, retreats, "lunch and learn" programs, art auction galas and performing arts programs, all of which are structured to enrich the body, mind, and spirit.

Our Mission Statement

The blue rose is a symbol of our Dreams, dreams which may sometimes seem impossible. They aren't, you know, because of faith and hope. and the blue rose.

The most giving and loving thing you can do for your family and friends is to be responsible. Take care of yourself in Health, legal, Financial, and Spiritual areas.

Accept the cahllenge and have the courage to pursue your dreams.

Scholarship Information

There are three scholarships to choose from:

Stephanie's Song for Texas A&M CC--$500--Requirements: must be single female, age 35 or older, whose life has been touched by cancer (friend or family member), and is interested in a "helping" career such as social worker, nurse, etc.

CBCF Blue Rose--$500--Requirements: Same as above.

Jerry Albert/Blue Rose--$500--Requirements: must be single female, age 35 or older, whose life has been touched by cancer (friend or family member), and is interested in a career in marketing, sales or communications.

If there is anyone you know who could benefit from these scholarships, please pass on this information!  The candidate will need to write a letter/essay to be reviewed by our committee.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 361/855-3261 or email me at .

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